Scout 1 Firestarter (Small)


Small keychain Firestarter with compass.


Scout 1 Compass Red

Scout 1 Compass Purple

Scout 1 Compass Blue

Scout 1 Compass Black

Scout 1 Compass Silver

Lanyard Color 1

Lanyard Color 2

Lanyard Color 3

Lanyard Color 4

Lanyard Color 5

Lanyard Color 6

Lanyard Color 7

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Small keychain with compass.

Good things come in small packages!

This AWF is the smallest unit in our inventory, and it comes without a handle. If you are really concerned with weight…then look no further because the Scout 1 is just what you’ve been looking for!

The Scout 1 is half the weight of the Scout 2 and is just as easy to use! Its small size makes it trouble-free to carry and definitely small enough to put in your backpack, fanny pack, tackle box, glove box, or any pocket on you!

The length of the Magnesium and Flint are 4 inches long.

It comes with an AWF’s steel blade and a 550-para cord to hold it all together! Where weight is of the essence…then this is the one you want to go with!


Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs


Total Weight: 2.5 ounces.

Length: 4 5/8 inches.