About Us

I started my company over 25 years ago with a small loan from my mom. And by the grace of God, I have been able to keep the company going all these years. All we do here at All-Weather Firestarters, is manufacture Magnesium Firestarters. This allows us to focus on one thing, being the best in our market and industry. And for our great customers, we have done all the hard work for you. We endlessly search out and find the best materials available, and in some cases, we research and develop better materials. We presently hold a Patent and Patent pending on our Firestarters and we are super excited about that.

Here at AWF’s we only use High Grade Magnesium and Flints to produce our product and we do not cut corners. And that leads us to performance, we are very confident our Firestarters will perform above and beyond your expectation.

Our Firestarters are used by hunters, survivalists, campers, boys and girls’ scouts, Military, and other outdoor enthusiast! If you like to stay at home, you can use the All-Weather Firestarter on your Gas Grill, Charcoal Grill, Fire Pit, Chimineas, burn barrel, wood stove, or anything you just want to burn.

Proudly Made In The USA

The ALL-WEATHER FIRESTARTER consists of 3 main parts: Magnesium, Flint, and a Combustible wood handle that you can ignite when you shave off the wood.

The magnesium is of High grade, and it contains 4 different highly combustible alloy elements. When ignited, magnesium burns with an intense bright flame and produces temperature in excess of 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. This magnesium (in solid form) will burn underwater and produce its own oxygen when ignited, making it virtually impossible to extinguish. According to specifications and OSHA standards, this magnesium, when ignited, falls under a Class 4 fire (aka: Delta).

The flint steel is manmade and is composed of several hard alloys. This element of the Firestarter will produce close to 1100 degrees of heat and a shower of sparks up to 6 feet! Under pitch-dark conditions the flint has been used as a signal device (Pop Flares) and can be seen up to a mile away.

The Combustible handle is a brilliant idea, it allows you to scrape the shavings off the handle and use as your ignitable material to start a fire.

The ALL-WEATHER FIRESTARTER is an excellent and safe tool for starting a fire under any condition i.e. rain, sleet, and snow. Tests have repeatedly shown the AWF’s ability to reliably work when wet.

These same tests have shown the lack of reliability in other sources of heat such as lighters and matches. When wet, those lighter devises will not work. The AWF has proven itself to thrive in these environments with amazing results.

The AWF’s ability to perform under these conditions makes it a MUST for all military personnel who will be subject to these types of conditions while out in the “field”.


Right now, in Afghanistan and Iraq there are military personnel who are carrying the AWF with them.

  1. Pilots–helicopter and fixed wing pilots
  2. Military snipers
  3. West Point Grad (officers)
  4. Special Operations Forces

These are just a few of the military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq who are carrying the AWF.

If the AWF is good enough for our military elite, then it will be good enough for the hunter, camper, angler, Boy scout, survivalist or any outdoor enthusiast!!