Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our product! If your question is not found below, please feel free to drop me an email through our Contact page.

How long will the flint last?

The flint steel is manmade and is composed of several hard alloys. This element of the firestarter will produce close to 1100 degrees of heat and will produce a shower of sparks. The flint steel should last up to a year if you use it two or three times a week. Note: If you run out of your flint, don’t throw away your Firestarter…you can purchase another flint and add it to your Firestarter.

How do I attach my newly purchased flint to my Firestarter?

Losen the set screw on your holder and the used flint will slide out. Replace with the new flint and re-secure the set screw.

How long will the Large Magnesium last?

The large size (3/4 inch) has a lifetime guarantee. If you ever whittle it down to a pencil size; send it back to AWF and we’ll send you a new one.

How long will the Small Magnesium last?

The small size (1/2 inch diameter) will last up to five years if you use it two or three times a week.

What is a key chain style Firestarter?

The key chain Firestarter is small, lightweight, compact and can be placed in your tackle box, glove box, backpack and fanny pack. Where weight is of the essence, this is the one you should go with. The key chain Firestarter does not have a handle and comes in both a large and small version. It is a little more challenging to use because of its size; however, it packs the same punch as the Firestarters with the handle.

Which side of the blade should I use?

Both sides of the blade have been pre-sharpened to ensure maximum effectiveness. Try both sides of the blade to see which side works best for you. Be sure to place your fingers about halfway up on the blade at a 85-degree angle and scrape down on the flint. Remember to add pressure. The more pressure you apply the more sparks you will produce. Note: If you are having a difficult time scraping the magnesium off or getting a good spark It could very well be you have a dull blade. In which case you would need to file down or grind the blade to get a flat edge.

How hot does the Magnesium burn?

The magnesium we us is high-grade and it contains 4 different highly combustible alloy elements. When ignited, magnesium burns with an intense flame and produces temperature in excess of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. This magnesium will burn underwater and produce its own oxygen when ignited.

Will it work when wet?

YES! You can get caught in a snowstorm, thunderstorm…drop it into a swimming pool or lake–pull it out and it is guaranteed to work every time!

Can I use the wooden handle as my tinder?

YES! The wood from the handle can be scraped off into small shavings and then ignited with the flint or magnesium!

What if I break or lose my blade?

The neat thing about the AWF, is that you can use your knife, scissors or anything with an edge!