Joshua Cypher

Edmund sir,

I wrote you some time ago about your fire starter and the enthusiasm I had about your product. I did a whole lot of research before choosing yours.

I was living in Reno Nevada at the time and wanted to get it on the mountain and in as many hands as possible. I am now living in Montana and I wanted to pass a true story on to you about your product and how it saved me. Please bear with me as it my take a a few to describe how your product saved me a lot of walking and possibly a whole lot more if we let our imaginations of truth run wild.

I was out in the wilderness about 40 miles from the nearest town and my home and began to hear a noise coming from the rear axle of my vehicle. I got out and found that the rear shock had sheared off the bolt. It was not to serious, however if I continued to drive on it the damage would have ruined a whole lot more and caused my pocket book to shrink even more. I was without anything to fix it except the largest fire starter you offer that I had researched and purchased from you, a nut, a bolt and the few other tools I carry in the jeep. A hammer, punch, some snips and a screw driver to name a few.

I had to cut into the floor board of my jeep to access the problem which was okay with me as this would have had to take place at any automotive shop.

I found that the bolt had sheared off from the nut that holds the shock in place. It needed to be removed but the factory installed nut to be removed was welded into place. I banged on it until I was so tired without any luck and realized I was in serious trouble. I had no heat element to reach the temperatures needed to perform such a task.

I had no way to remove it since it needed to be heated at a very high temperature in order to weaken the weld and knock it loose. I was stuck 40 miles from the nearest town like I said and the warmth of my home. It was reading 10 degrees on my thermometer. I sat there and thought I needed a fire to stay warm and realized I had your product in my bag and got an idea.

I began shaving the element provided with your fire starter and collected it in a small cup I had. I then poured it on the weld I needed broken free and struck the flint. It heated and I started banging on the nut.

It broke free and revealed the hole that led down to the shock mount.
I had a nut and bolt and with a few washers for spacing I was able to attached it correctly. Good as new.

Now I know it was the magnesium and all and that is available on any fire starter. However, there is no way there was enough Magnesium on the everyday common fire starter and the comfort of the handle to allow me to do this. Your product saved me from a 40 mile walk and the more I think about it who knows what else being this is Montana. Bears are every where right now preparing for the winter along with a long list of other predators and hazards.

Your product saved me Edmund. I am home now and wanted to take a few minutes to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is Christmas eve, well a few hours before, and your product facilitated me beyond imagination to be with my family and loved ones. I love your product sir and have been telling people about your fire starter ever since I purchased it 2 years ago, yet now I have this story to provide to those that may consider getting something different.

Thank you so much Edmund for following a dream and idea you had. It truly saved me a whole lot of walking and possibly my life. I would love it if everyone had one of these in there pack,tool pouch or whatever.

Thank you so much sir and Merry Christmas.
I love you bro.