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Large firestarter without handle.

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Large firestarter without handle.

If you’re hiking or back packing the Appalachian Trail, Grand Tetons, or patrolling the mountains in Afghanistan, then you know every ounce of weight counts.

This AWF comes without a handle and weighs several ounces. It is three inches long and comes with the largest size of magnesium in the AWF’s inventory; it also comes with a lifetime guarantee on the magnesium!

Some people refer to the Scout I and Scout II as the key-chain or pocket model because it fits easily in your shirt or pant pocket. This AWF is small, light weight, and compact, therefore, making it easy to carry anywhere! The Scout I comes with a 550 military grade para cord and a striker!

All-Weather Firestarters–don’t make camp without it!

2 reviews for Scout I Firestarter

  1. 5 out of 5


    Excelent and probably the best firsteel out there.
    Compared with the Navigator I, this one weights 65 grams on my scale (which is exactly half of the weight of the Navigator I). Also aprox. half the length.
    Excelent size. The only advantages I see for which a full handle version can be preferable over this one are the possibility to use that handle as tinder (it really is flamable and works) and I also suspect when the magnesium block will be nearly consumed, the scout will be more difficult to keep in the hand. But except for that, I do not see any reason to go for the one with a handle. This works just as well and not difficult at all to keep in the hand.

  2. 5 out of 5


    the scout 1 fire starter is one awesome piece of kit. it is much better than the cheap ones i picked up at a discount tool store. i am going to use it for my edc pack to replace other types of fire starters. i feel that this product and a lighter will cover your fire making needs. the flint throws a torrent of hot sparks and the soft magnesium scrapes off easily to really get a fire going. will surely be buying more of these. as a foot note i received the scout the day after i ordered it. totally satisfied!!!

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