The Ultimate Survival Tool!

All Weather Firestarters are:

  • Great for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, RV’s, boats, campers, anglers, hunters and military.
  • The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.
  • Lightweight and compact so you can take it anywhere.
  • Able to work even in the worst weather including rain!
  • Most of all a valuable addition to your emergency survival kit!

To produce the MAXIMUM amount of sparks

    1. Place your fingers half way up on the blade.
    2. Place your striker at an 85-degree angle in relation to the flint.
    3. Be sure to dig-into the flint with force.
    4. Both sides of blade can be used on flint and magnesium.
    5. Remember, the more pressure you apply, the more sparks you will produce.


    1. Hold the firestarter so that the tip is pressing on the ground.
    2. Place it near dry grass, leaves, moss, clothes, dryer lint, paper, etc…
    3. Place the blade on the flint at a 85-degree angle and scrape downward.
    4. If you are lighting tinder, scrape off a small pile of magnesium.
    5. Next, ignite the magnesium with the flint.
    6. Place the tinder on the burning magnesium.
    7. The magnesium will dry out the tinder and start a fire!

Gas Grills

    1. Turn on the gas, stand about two feet away, and then shoot the sparks into the grill. The sparks will ignite the propane.
    2. Now its time for the hamburgers and steaks!

Charcoal Grills

    1. For presoaked charcoal, place your firestarter about one inch from the coals and scrape the flint onto the coals.
    2. If you are using lighter fluid, apply lighter fluid, let sit for 3-5 min to soak in, then shoot sparks onto coals. Ahhhhh, FIRE!


    1. Scrape the magnesium into a pile on some newspaper or the wrapping of a Duralog and ignite it with the flint.


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